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Turning Every 
Player into 
a Creator

Infinite Canvas is a gaming studio and publisher building at the crossroads of UGC gaming and Generative AI. 

Our user-driven, AI-fueled gaming experiences have captured the imaginations of millions on platforms like Roblox and Discord. 


By enabling players to evolve into creators, our games unlock infinite potential.

Traditional games have well-known characters and established narratives - but haven’t you ever wished for something a bit more specific, only to realize there will never be a Miami Vice style Santa Claus? Or a 1920’s monopolist squirrel with a top hat? 


With Generative AI players create the games, with unlimited possibilities.

UGC × GenAl


GenAI is democratizing game development

UGC platforms are democratizing game distribution

Players are now creators. Community is now distribution.

Our Games

Our GenAI, user generated games are powering the future of gaming.


Our Vision

To unlock limitless 
possibility by turning 
every player into a creator

Our Company

Founded by gamers, built by gamers, run for gamers


Tal Shachar

Former CDO of Immortals
Gaming Club, Director of BuzzFeed Studios, and Executive at The Chernin Group


Sebastian Park

Former VP at the Houston Rockets, Creator of Clutch Gaming, Venture Partner at BITKRAFT,Head of Esports of Namecheap


Our Investors


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